Stichting Romanian Children's
Humanitarian Foundation

Would you like to help us in our Humanitarian voluntary community work? We would like to invite you to read about it in our info and articles.

This work needs our hearts to join in and the neediest of people appreciate the kindness of his or her fellow human beings.

We have helped thousands of families, children and old aged people as well as those sick and in firmed over many years.

Through or work we bring not only better living standards, but also joy and happiness to the neediest of children, families and senior citizens in North Eastern Romania.



Mission and objectives

The mission and objectives of St RCHF is to be ambassadors to those who are poor and marginalized in society.

We are a non-profit NGO dedicated to producing substantial projects that will provide opportunities by our actions to minimizing injustice in society thus bringing back humanity and paving the way for a real possibility for a better, safer future to children in difficulty, families suffering in poor living conditions and those living in poverty, plus assist the sick when frightened, in difficulty and in need of support to bring them back to health.

Your support counts!

Stichting Romanian Children’s’ Humanitarian Foundation receives some monthly donations from long standing supporters who recognize the importance of our work that brings hope and raises standards for the poorest of people in eastern Europe today including both children and the old aged people who suffer the most when living in hard circumstances. We educate children to a better standard in pre schools and schools via the superb Timmy Mouse educational aids that allow every child to learn with ease, plus provide essential school materials to many a child who’s parents have no financial means, support families in difficulty to raise their heads above water and allow a healthier lifestyle, plus help the sick back to health in well designed projects and also provide summer holiday camps for children without the possibility of even a days holiday and much more besides.

Educational support

We educate children and provide essential school materials to children in need.

Health care

We help the sick back to health in well designed projects.

Social support

We support families in difficulty to raise their heads above water.



About RCHF

We work on a voluntary basis; no one is paid a salary, we are transparent in all of our work.

We also support senior citizens often who live alone in poor conditions. To be poor or in ill health is not a crime, yet often these groups receive the least support.

St RCHF does not discriminate on grounds of age, race, religion or any by other means. We all need help when in difficulty in our lives and St RCHF offers that help to everyone without discrimination of any kind or nature.

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