Children’s summer camps


Summer school holidays

The summer school holidays are long ones in Romania lasting nearly 3 months and within this time rural children from the peasant villages in the largest part have not even a one day holiday away from home. This is in stark contrast to children in other more affluent EU countries where families go on holiday to a seaside or maybe the mountain’s and even abroad for at least a week, sometimes longer as can afford from their salaries.

The reason Romanian rural children rarely get a holiday is twofold.

  1. The majority of peasant families simply cannot afford a holiday away with their children, not even for a single day. St RCHF knows children who have never been outside their village, not even to the nearest town.

  2. Families rely on crop yields as well as vegetables grown on their plots of land to get them through the harsh winter months. The summer is a time of hard work tending crops on a day basis both for local farm concerns who pay a small wage and for tending the garden at home. Parents can be out at 05.00 in the very early morning and arrive home late at night such is the huge amount of manual work involved in the fields. Children often stay at home with granny or go with parents and sit in the fields. Maybe they eat a sandwich and have a drink of water and this last them until they get home and a meal is prepared. To give up a weeks work in this period would mean a loss of a small day payment and in all cases these families who are marginalized could never afford to take their children on holiday such is the hardship they live in at village level.

In 2010 St RCHF recognized the need to provide a chance for needy children to have a weeks holiday away from home. These children of whom there are thousands are innocent of the hardship they live in and deserve to have some happiness and enjoy a new experience in their long summer holiday period whilst away from school.

The method we took within St RCHF was to seek outside sponsorship and provide a weeks summer camp with sports activities, organized workshops, mountain walks, visits to monasteries and museums as well as 3 good wholesome meals a day and extra treats like ice creams as well as a sing song around a camp fire to make in effect a holiday of a lifetime for these children each year.

Thanks to our supporters at Give Eur-Hope we were able to purchase many high quality fully waterproof and windproof tents as well as all other equipment required to take multiple children on a camping holiday and have done so each year except for the 2 years of the Sars Covid 2 pandemic. Unlike many charity NGOs who charge huge amounts to take children on a short holiday we at St RCHF provide these camping holidays for FREE of any charges to parents and in this way accommodate the poorest of children with outside sponsorship funds that covers all cost at camping holidays. We hold summer camps in the beautiful mountain village of Ciocanesti in Suceava County and have also held summer camps for children at Vama and Marginea also in Suceava county of Romania.


Your support counts!

Stichting Romanian Children’s’ Humanitarian Foundation receives some monthly donations from long standing supporters who recognize the importance of our work that brings hope and raises standards for the poorest of people in eastern Europe today including both children and the old aged people who suffer the most when living in hard circumstances. We educate children to a better standard in pre schools and schools via the superb Timmy Mouse educational aids that allow every child to learn with ease, plus provide essential school materials to many a child who’s parents have no financial means, support families in difficulty to raise their heads above water and allow a healthier lifestyle, plus help the sick back to health in well designed projects and also provide summer holiday camps for children without the possibility of even a days holiday and much more besides.

Educational support

We educate children and provide essential school materials to children in need.

Health care

We help the sick back to health in well designed projects.

Social support

We support families in difficulty to raise their heads above water.