Family and elderly care/support


Hands on support

St RCHF provides hands on support to senior citizens in northeast Romania who because of age related problems merit our support in a country with little social back up and near 5 million people who are over 56 years of age.

For those who worked a lifetime when were younger in the communist times the state pension they receive is so small that it doesn’t even cover basic cost of living, let alone medication for illnesses or medical problem that people suffer often I their later years in Romania. The years the rural workers toiled in the former communist collective farms also took their toll on health and this combined with a lack of basic decent food makes pensioners vulnerable more than their counterparts in western Europe today and with a lower life expectancy.

Brian Douglas of St RCHF states that each senior citizen we help is as we would help our own parents in their later years. Our help provides the best outcome in each case and with dignity and respect like with portable toilets for those with walking problems who cannot get to the toilet in the garden.

This work includes providing heating supplies each winter that pensioners simply cannot afford, making basic repairs to their rural dwellings that they simply cannot do because of age and financial hardship, taking a sick one in the RCHF vehicle to the family doctor or hospital as the case may require when ill and following up on their healthcare afterwards, top up food aid to help with diet needs and the cost of medication if is chargeable from a pharmacy.

St RCHF places also great importance on these visits to senior citizens to sit and have a good talk with them. Often they like to speak of their past life proudly and we also offer advice on health and safety in the home. By the time we leave the pensioner is lifted in spirits and happy and these visits are most important because often we are the only person the housebound ones see in a full week. Many of their grown up children left years ago to find a better life abroad thus many senior citizens are alone and lonely thus our support of a chat over a cup of tea makes all the difference!


Your support counts!

Stichting Romanian Children’s’ Humanitarian Foundation receives some monthly donations from long standing supporters who recognize the importance of our work that brings hope and raises standards for the poorest of people in eastern Europe today including both children and the old aged people who suffer the most when living in hard circumstances. We educate children to a better standard in pre schools and schools via the superb Timmy Mouse educational aids that allow every child to learn with ease, plus provide essential school materials to many a child who’s parents have no financial means, support families in difficulty to raise their heads above water and allow a healthier lifestyle, plus help the sick back to health in well designed projects and also provide summer holiday camps for children without the possibility of even a days holiday and much more besides.

Educational support

We educate children and provide essential school materials to children in need.

Health care

We help the sick back to health in well designed projects.

Social support

We support families in difficulty to raise their heads above water.