Wood for heating and cooking


Many simply freeze in their homes

Unseen hardship with a lack of social support leaves the most deprived families as well as old aged people who are often alone in rural dwellings without the possibility to purchase heating supplies in the cold seasons. Many simply freeze in their homes and some even are found to have died of hypothermia in the sub zero temperatures that arrive from October each year and can last for a full 5 months until late April.

The vast majority of rural dwellings are heated by wood or wood bricks that are placed into the soba fire and this is also used for cooking of hot food. This heating Soba is unique to eastern Europe and is made either in metal and tin plate or is the type terracotta tiles that are preferred as keep the heat even after the soba fire is out of flame.

Heating supplies in Romania are expensive by any standards with prices of up to 200 euro for a single cubic meter of wood and many cubic meters are required to keep a family from freezing in the long cold winter months and allowing them to have hot food and hot drinks also.

For many years St RCHF thanks to our friend Remko Jorritsma with his foundation Stichting In de Vrijheid who do wonderful work in drug and alcohol prevention have sponsored this vital project that brings the warmth of the Lord above direct into the homes of the poorest and most deprived rural Romanian families and people living alone. Each week in the cold season the St RCHF team in Romania helped by local officials who provide a vehicle and manpower deliver by the ton heating bricks to those living on the edge of life in extreme hardship.

It’s as simple as this stated Brian Douglas of St RCHF that if you can’t afford heating supplies you freeze in your dwelling and can only eat cold food and have not the possibility of hot drinks of tea, plus can only wash in cold water. Because of this aspect alone so many rural dwellers suffer serious illness’s in the winter months with children and old aged people worst affected thus our combined support is a lifesaver to all who we help.


Your support counts!

Stichting Romanian Children’s’ Humanitarian Foundation receives some monthly donations from long standing supporters who recognize the importance of our work that brings hope and raises standards for the poorest of people in eastern Europe today including both children and the old aged people who suffer the most when living in hard circumstances. We educate children to a better standard in pre schools and schools via the superb Timmy Mouse educational aids that allow every child to learn with ease, plus provide essential school materials to many a child who’s parents have no financial means, support families in difficulty to raise their heads above water and allow a healthier lifestyle, plus help the sick back to health in well designed projects and also provide summer holiday camps for children without the possibility of even a days holiday and much more besides.

Educational support

We educate children and provide essential school materials to children in need.

Health care

We help the sick back to health in well designed projects.

Social support

We support families in difficulty to raise their heads above water.